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We do 3 things.

But we do them really well.

We design online training systems that allow for the flexible training of employees on any subject or skill. We can transform existing training materials, or help develop new ones.

We create turnkey, online training and seminar platforms for brick and mortar training companies. Your content paired with our expertise turns your local training business into a national one.

We consult with school districts and universities on implementing best practices in their distance learning programs.

What is eLearning?

We use the word a lot.

“eLearning” describes the entire process of design, creation, and delivery of instructional content that can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone.

The ability to measure comprehension of course material, by way of traditional test questions, or a more dynamic approach using games or puzzles, is central to eLearning. These results can be easily stored and queried for future reference.

You may also hear eLearning referred to as “distance learning”, “a virtual classroom”, “online learning”, or “computer-based training”.

We work with a diverse clientele.

Unique learners demand unique training strategies; we deliver.

Business & Industry

From new-hire orientation on corporate policies like sexual harassment and safety procedures, to ongoing workshops for new retail products and customer service, CraftClarity works with all types of businesses looking to train their employees in an engaging, cost-effective manner.

You don’t have to be a business to deploy excellent eLearning. Our online learning management system is also perfect for non-profit organizations looking to develop training programs for bringing staff and volunteers up to speed quickly.

Health Care

As health care costs continue to rise, managing employee turnover and training qualified personnel to staff hospitals, assisted living centers, and therapy centers has become an increasingly difficult challenge.

eLearning is a practical solution for effectively delivering mandatory training for required certifications in fields like nursing and physical therapy.

Interactive video and multimedia brings your content to life, ensuring that your staff will enjoy and retain training content.


Whether you are planning to complement your classroom experience, or offer fully online courses, our background in pedagogy and instructional design makes us a great partner for consultation on the development and implementation of eLearning in K-12 and higher education.

CraftClarity is also available to conduct half day workshops to share the latest in eLearning and social media trends with your faculty and administrators.

Mileage & deli spreads - small costs add up!

Increased efficiency means massive savings.

Businesses in the US spend an average of $1068 on training per employee each year.

Businesses in the US spend an average of $1068* on training per employee each year.

*American Society For Training & Development, State of the Industry Report, 2009

Estimate Of Training Budget Breakdown

Estimate Of Training Budget Breakdown

Consistency, rapid deployment, and simple evaluation are all attractive features of eLearning, but the most compelling reason to consider eLearning may be the significant reduction you’ll see in your training costs.

Converting even a portion of your in-person training over to eLearning will result in an immediate drop in your day-to-day training expenditures. And while implementing an eLearning program won’t replace your training staff, it will allow them to spend more time on creating amazing content, and less time coordinating catering.

We’d be happy to prepare some ROI figures for you based on your organization’s specific goals; use the contact form at the bottom of this page to request an estimate.

  • Travel costs
  • Lost hours
  • Training salaries
  • Catering
  • Training Materials

Engaging eLearning is effective eLearning.

We combine proven instructional design theory with a passion for creativity.

Great Seminars Online eLearning Slides

Most eLearning offerings we see suffer from one of three deficiencies:

  1. The course content is uninspired, boring, and fails to connect with the learner.

  2. The course content is full of bells and whistles, but is generic and ineffective in conveying its intended learning goals.

  3. The learning experience is confusing and learners are unsure how to enter and navigate the course.

Creating fantastic eLearning involves a combination of purposeful instructional design and thoughtful creativity. All of CraftClarity’s instructional design consultants have advanced degrees in adult learning and have worked extensively designing online courses in health care, industry, and higher education.

Recently, we helped Great Seminars & Books, a Maryland-based company offering seminars on geriatric physical therapy, launch Great Seminars Online. Working with Dr. Carole Lewis and Dr. Molly Laflin, we built a custom Learning Management System and helped convert Dr. Lewis’s nationally acclaimed physical therapy seminars into dynamic, online courses.

Great Seminars customers can now choose a seminar, enroll online and begin learning in a matter of minutes! After completing the seminar, a downloadable certificate is automatically generated, fulfilling their state-mandated continuing education requirements!